Facebook’s Comprehensive Guide to Profit 2020 (Best Ways)

Facebook is one of the best social media platforms in existence at the moment with more than 2 billion and 200 million users, and almost all use Facebook to entertain themselves and learn about news and other traditional uses, but recently there is a large community of users looking and looking for how to profit from Facebook and looking for how to take advantage of this huge entity with a very large number of followers.
In fact, Facebook has recently provided many ways in which users can make money and earn additional income for them in order to get a better life and take advantage of their free time and the beauty that they have become competing with major companies in multiple fields, so we will try in this article to clarify the most important and best ways by which you can make a profit from Facebook and take advantage of the wasted time on this platform without achieving any result.

What makes Facebook a good place to make money?
Facebook is the third site in the world in terms of traffic after Google and YouTube in addition to being a very distinct media platform, as certified by all marketing experts, and all major companies place Facebook in their priorities when it comes to marketing to one of their products.
Moreover, the additions and services recently added by Facebook such as Facebook Marketplace and other services provided a great opportunity for users to make a profit and make money for themselves, and made the platform compete with large companies such as YouTube, Spotify and many other very large platforms.
How does Facebook’s profit program work?
Profit through Facebook is divided into two types, the first is profit from within Facebook and the second is profit from outside Facebook by relying on other platforms and both types have some characteristics and things that distinguish them, so we will try to clarify both of them in order to understand the whole picture.
First: Profit from within Facebook
Profit from within Facebook, i.e. profit through the content of Facebook itself, any content you upload and create on Facebook servers whether photos or videos or otherwise is content belonging to Facebook and any profit you make through this content is called profit from within Facebook, and you can make a profit through it in three ways:
1. Profit from “Ad breaks” program

Ad Breaks is a program for people who want to make a profit through their videos, and this is done by showing some ads within your video content and dividing the profit between you and Facebook, which is very similar to youtube profit, but there are also some conditions that you must have to make a profit through these videos, and we will also mention them in detail in the for-profit section of the videos.

2. Profit from “Fan Subscriptions”

This program is very similar to the famous Patreon platform where the idea of the program is based on collecting money from followers optionally in order to support you and support the content you provide, this program is not currently available and you can use it only through an invitation from the Facebook team because Facebook tests this program with content makers and celebrities until it is sure to be stable and issued to all users as it will be one of the easiest means of winning from Facebook.
3. Profit from “Branded Content”

This program is an open market in which companies are looking for different and influential content makers in order to contract and work with them, in addition to that content makers can also search for different companies to contract and work with them, and the conditions of joining this program are not specific but it is clear that it is available to content owners and influencers and still has some time to spread among all users.

Second: Profit from Outside Facebook
We now move on to the second type, the type that is specific to content that is made outside of Facebook either on YouTube or any other platform, where the owners of this content use Facebook as a place to market and provide a better way to watch their content, this method depends on the audience network platform that is very similar to the platform that the content makers rely on for profit, and through this platform you can make a profit in a number of ways, and we will also mention it at the point where we will talk about the best ways you can During which you make a profit on Facebook.

Also one of the most popular ways to profit external from Facebook is to work in the field of aphit marketing or cpa here you get the link from the company or the site you shop for and post it on Facebook and the profit revenue is from the company and not from Facebook but Facebook is only a way to bring traffic whether it is a free traffic or a traffic payment via Facebook ads that we talked about in detail in the article “Explain ads Facebook Ads” and if you really intend to work in the field of Affilliate and use facebook marketing here is a “better article 21″ Commission marketing program to make your first $1000 in 2020”
Are you a brand owner or an influencer or just an ordinary person?
We all know that Facebook is basically a social network or an online place where people can hang out, socialize and share things of common interest, maybe that’s one of the reasons why it gives posts from someone’s personal account more weight than posts from the page.
Of course the secret to success on this site is the content because as it is said “content is king” and therefore because you have strong content in your personal account you will have a good base of followers and in this case my friend will open the door to profit from Facebook very easily and in various ways that we will address next, because we all agree that if the person has only a few friends or fans on Facebook will not be able to post anything and profit from it unless he is able to Share content so deep that people share it several times and become viral.
On the other hand, if anyone can attract a large number of supporters and then interact with them regularly, they will find that their posts will appear in the feeds of many people, so my friend the best way to make sure that people listen to what you want to say is to build your support base to the extent that they consider you influential because when you get to this point it will be very easy to profit from Facebook.

The best ways to profit from Facebook:
Profit by videos
Facebook is no longer a place to share photos, publications and moments that everyone is going through, where we have noticed in recent years that the use of video is increasing day by day on Facebook very much and many creators are going to Facebook to achieve more views to make money, so Facebook has added the profitability of the videos on the platform.

So that anyone can upload videos on the platform and then subscribe to an ad program enabled by Facebook called “Ad Breaks” as we mentioned at the beginning of the article, through this program you can make money from your videos, but there are some conditions that must be met first in order to be able to make a profit from your videos.

You must have at least 10,000 followers on your Facebook page, if you have fewer followers than that, you won’t be able to make a profit with your videos.
You should create a dedicated “Business Account” facebook page to post your videos, as if you post videos from your personal Facebook page you won’t be able to make a profit with these videos.
You should get at least 3,000 views for one minute of your videos, which must be at least three minutes in the last 60 days.
Tips to increase your earnings from videos on Facebook:
It is very nice that Facebook offers some very important analytics and one of the most important of these analysis is that it tells you when your audience is very present, so you should take advantage of this time and make sure to publish your videos at this time.
Always try to make your video duration between 5-10 minutes, so that you become an attraction for many viewers, as well as the possibility of placing more than one ad in your video, so you can make a profit more widely.
Certainly placing ads in your video is a very good source of revenue, but you should keep in mind that the duration of watching ads on your videos has a very significant impact on your revenue ratios, so you should place ads in the right places or at the right time in the video, so that the viewer can watch the entire ad or watch as long as possible.
Facebook offers you the ability to schedule videos, so you can use this point to help you stick to your video posting dates, it can be unnecessary for many to stick to your video posting dates.
If you want to talk about topics that are long to be explained, or if the content you provide takes longer than the ideal “5-10” minutes, you can split the topic into a series of videos, so you’ll be able to place more ads on your videos and make more profit, as well as your followers prefer this method.
Always keep your videos copyrighted so that they are not deleted after a lot of effort in creating them, this point is very important and unfortunately some are unaware of it.
Profit through apps on Facebook
Certainly we have noticed the simple applications that exist on Facebook that appeal to many users, as many of these applications contribute very much to improving your experience on Facebook, so in 2014 Facebook expanded the subscription to the advertising company Facebook “Audience Network” and every app owner can make money by showing ads in their application.
Everyone is affected by the slow internet, especially in site searches, so Facebook has provided a new feature through which you can easily view the articles about the sites and without having to go to the site itself, as once you click on the link to the article you open the article directly and you can see the content with ease.
So website and blog owners can connect with Facebook and start making extra profit from their articles, there are also some criteria you should see first to make sure that the terms of instant articles apply to your site.

Profit from Facebook through games – instant games
It’s very similar to the profit from the apps we’ve already shown, as you’ve certainly noticed some games on Facebook and a lot of users prefer some of these games, especially dual games where users can share games with other people in different countries or in their own country.

So if you have some skills in design and programming and you can create a light game and an innovative idea to attract users you can make a profit through it with ease, through the ads that will be shown on your game and then you start directly making profits

Profit from Facebook by selling products
There is certainly no need to bring the ball back and start talking about Facebook has a huge entity of users and other things that is very clear to all users, so you can take advantage of that and view the products you want to sell on facebook marketplace

The service was first available in 2016 and was available to only four countries, but Facebook has expanded the scope very much, and the service is now available in a large number of countries and is already one of the most popular profit routes from Facebook.

The service is a dedicated place to display all products of users, in order to facilitate the process of buying and selling among Facebook users, the service is completely free as everyone knows and anyone can view their products in addition to a wide range of nominations and products displayed in your geographical scope, and since the service is completely free and Facebook does not charge any commission, there is no way to pay through Facebook or other things.
The idea is only to get the seller to the buyer, and accordingly Facebook is not guaranteed any purchases within this service and therefore can find many scams, but in this period almost all Facebook users use this service quite ok with the purpose of its creation.

Since they use them to display products and when the process of consent and consent between the seller and the buyer is done, they decide to meet in a particular place to deliver the product and receive the money and thus reduce the frauds very significantly, moreover this service is not only a place for the sale of physical items, but Facebook also offers the possibility of offering services such as free work sites altogether but this is available in some countries only.

Most of the methods we have mentioned at the top can be commensurate with some people and others can’t make money through these methods but when it comes to commission marketing the idea is quite different since the power of Facebook is that there are a huge number of users and everyone prefers to use Facebook to market their products or brand.
Plus, if you own a Facebook group that has a large number of followers, feel free to take advantage of this point and make money through commission marketing.

Whatever your group’s area or interests, you’ll find a lot of the right products that you can show your group.
Profit from Facebook by managing pages
Managing social media accounts, especially corporate or celebrity pages, is very good for making money through Facebook, so if you have the experience and ability to create good publications, and respond to page followers in a subtle way, you can search for companies that want people to manage their pages.
There are a lot of pages that you might want to do, it just requires some good search for companies that want this service, and the good thing about this is that you can manage more than one page at the same time so you will convert wasted time on Facebook into a workplace and a job to earn money.
In the end, this was the best way to do the work that is for profit from Facebook, so my friend you can now determine your decision and determine the way you will go from these methods that we have explained, I advise you to focus on one way that is right for you to succeed in this work.

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