10 movies every entrepreneur should watch

Have you ever been in and out of a movie like a different person? Have you ever watched movies that helped you start your dream business or project? Do you like watching films that address you, your ambition and motivate you to achieve success?
If you are an entrepreneur or prepare yourself to become one of them, here are 10 films that will help you, change your thinking, and add you to your next entrepreneurial venture.

1.Pirates of Silicon Valley-1999

This classic movie examines the beginnings of Steve Jobs and Bill Gates since they built their technology empires in the 1980s. It also highlights the rivalries, attempts, and victories, and the different ways in which the world’s early founders of technology worked. You will see how a 20-year-old took over a huge company like IBM!
You will learn the value of belief in your dream and the determination to fulfill it no matter what happens. It does not matter if someone tries to copy your idea, what really matters is the implementation and how successful you are in it.

2.The Social Network-2010

We lived on farms, then we lived in cities, and now we’ll live on the Internet! ‘ – Sean Parker
This amazing movie is a must watch for every entrepreneur. As it tells the success story of the youngest billionaire in the world and the start of work on the Facebook project from a room at Harvard University. Mark Zuckerberg took a simple idea and turned it into one of the most profitable companies to date. You’ll see how he did it and the challenges he faced along the way, including disagreements with his associates. Aside from learning from Zuckerberg’s experience, you’ll also enjoy the fascinating storytelling in this movie.

3.Boiler Room-2000

Every entrepreneur in business faces a lot of ethical dilemmas at some point in their career, this movie is about the college dropout of 19-year-old Seth Davis, who will face a dire ethical problem. Then Seth succeeds to become one of the best brokers in the brokerage firm JT. Marilyn, but something in the company looks fishy. What does he do when faced with the dilemma of money and greed versus morality and legality? What would you do? This movie will motivate you to confront the real struggle between right and wrong, money, greed, ethics and legality at work.

4.The Pursuit of Happiness-2006

Never let someone tell you there is nothing you can do. You have a dream, you have to protect it. Some people cannot do something. So they want to tell you that you can’t too. You want something, go get it. OK? – Chris Gardner
This movie is one of the inspiring stories of a struggling salesman, Chris Gardner (Will Smith), who loses everything, including his wife, home and money. Instead of indulging in self-pity and defeat, Chris chooses to rely on himself and work harder and smarter, to build a better life for himself and his son. It is a powerful motivational movie based on a true story that will give you strong motivation and help you see the value of having a strong will and a strong work ethic for the pursuit of happiness and a better life.

5- Flash of Genius.2008

Every entrepreneur should watch this movie to learn the importance of protecting ideas from theft. The film revolves around the story of Robert Kearns, a university professor, who invents the windshield wipers for cars that all car giants adopted in the 1960s, to become an important tool in all cars. However, the automakers do not give Kearns the equity and financial rights he deserves. It might be sad to see what Cairns fights with powerful corporations for his rights, but herein lies an important lesson all entrepreneurs need to learn.

6-The Wolf of Wall Street.2013

I have the courage to die, what I want to know is, do you have the courage to live? – Jordan Balfour.

This controversial movie may not have won a Leonardo DiCaprio award, but it sure can teach you valuable lessons about success, fame, fortune, greed, and respect for the law. As Balfour says, “The only thing standing between you and your goal are the outdated words you say to yourself, but why can’t you achieve them. “With the achievement of goals, money, strength, and fame come many temptations that can jeopardize your success, so discipline and awareness are crucial to preserving any success you achieve.

 7-Office Space.1999

This hilarious movie is for those who hate their office routine that starts from 9 in the morning until 5 in the evening and dreams of getting into entrepreneurship. It revolves around Peter Gibbons (Ron Livingston), who discovers how much he hates sitting in his office every day of the week, and taking orders from his fearsome boss Bill Lumberg (Gary Cole) daily. This movie will make you laugh, give you a fresh new outlook on life, and motivate you to finish your office job that you hate.

8-Limitless 2011

I approached it to make an impact on the world. Now the only thing I was going to make was on the pavement. – Eddie Mora
This thrilling thriller about struggling writer Eddie Moura (Bradley Cooper) will teach you something about shortcuts, quick wins, quick fixes, and the easy path to success. Eddie was sure he had no good future, he was unemployed and his girlfriend turned him down, but it all turns and big changes happen when an old friend gives him a mysterious pill that allows him to reach 100% of his brain potential.
Under the influence of untested drugs, Eddie rises to the top of the financial world, but dire side effects threaten to plunge him down. Quick and easy fixes are not easy at all, or are they?

9-Wall Street 1987

This movie is one of the best entrepreneurial films of all time. It’s about the career of ambitious stockbroker Pod Fox, who will do whatever it takes to succeed, guided by the enigmatic slogan “Greed is Good,” but suddenly it turns upside down when Fox is asked to help him do something that’s not just illegal. But it is morally reprehensible. You will learn from this movie not to sell yourself for money.

10- The Godfather 1972

Men are not born great, they grow up great ”Mario Puzo.

  1. This movie revolves around the story of the godfather and his son Michael Corleone who oversees the growth of the small family business to eventually become the largest organized crime family in New York. Although we do not recommend illegal paths to success, it is a must for all entrepreneurs who want to know what it takes to reach the top, and most importantly what it takes to keep going.

    Finally, you can be an entrepreneur if you see the experiences of everyone who preceded you, even if by watching films for real stories, just start, get to know and create your own myth on your own way.

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